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Big Fish the Broadway Musical- Cast Announced

Ever After Productions is proud to announce the cast and crew of Big Fish the Musical!
Please read this list in its entirety as many double as multiple characters or in the Ensemble.

First Cast Meeting will be Monday, April 16 at 6:00 pm at The Colonnade.

Edward Bloom: Kyle Conkle
Will Bloom: Garrett Henson-Hink
Sandra Bloom: Lauren Johnson
Young Will: Noah Williams
Josephine Bloom: Leigh Hollingsworth 
Karl the Giant: Greg Jackson
Amos Calloway: Chuck Nalley
*Don Price: TBA 
The Witch: Grayson Parker
*Jenny Hill: Hannah Hale
*Girl in the Water: Eleanor Aiken
*Dr. Bennett: Paul Stone
*Zacky Price: Kyle Hullander

*The Alabama Lambs: 
Genna Williams, Kayla Cox, Moriah Bone

*Mayor: Paul Stone
*Fisherman: Shaun Bowman
*Fang-The Poisson Assassin: Evan Jackson

*The Witch Chorus: 
Sara Gard, Bridgette Holland, Maya Jaffar, Jean Betters, Georgia Upton, Tessa Sentell, Genna Williams, Kayla Cox, Katie Boren, Katie Herdandez 

*"Red, White, and True" Tappers: 
Genna Williams, Kayla Cox, Moriah Bone, Maya Jafar, Julia Castleberry, Georgia Upton, Tessa Sentell, Emma Smith, Montana Merritt, Hannah Riddle

*Campfire Kids: 
Makayla Young, Freeman Nalley, Noah Williams

Will Bloom's Son: Freeman Nalley

Additional Ensemble Including:
Wedding Guests, Auburn University Students, Citizens of Ashton, Circus Performers
Mason Carter, Trey Nalley, E. Renee Woods, Ariel Watts, Nataleigh Raby, Abigail Eaker

*Doubles as Ensemble

Produced and Directed by: Jonathan Humble
Music Direction by: Richard Stretton
Choreography by: Kristin Nalley
Stage Managed by: Jennifer Poteet
Assistant Stage Managed by: Carol Fleissner